The Push and Pull Show


“The Push and Pull Show” is a collective of three partners – DJ Potts, MC-IC & The Sassy Yank. Together they have one of the world’s only transcontinental UK Garage radio shows, with DJ Potts & MC-IC from the London, England area and The Sassy Yank from the Seattle, WA, USA area. Their show is considered by many to be one of the freshest UK Garage radio shows available.

The links to the artists/producers/record labels we featured can all be found on our Facebook & Twitter accounts, as well as being mentioned during the show. Our goal is to share as much good music as possible with as many people as possible worldwide.

You can catch us only on one of the original house and garage radio stations, the four time award-winning Freek FM (, every Thursday from 8 pm to 10 pm GMT. The Push and Pull Show firmly believes in pushing UKG into the forefront globally and does everything possible to support this genre.

We are working hard writing, collaborating and networking in order to bring more fresh new garage to the airwaves. Also, don’t forget to catch us playing in the producers arena again this year at UKG Fest in London, Easter Bank Holiday Weekend. (Visit for details.)

If you don’t know…get to know! Tell a friend to tell a friend!

Much love,

The Push and Pull Show


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