Disco Fries – Born Ready (Ferreck Dawn Remix) – Polydor Records


Delivering their signature groove-driven creations since the duo’s inception in 2008, Disco Fries have been at the centre of a storm of buzz around their new single ‘Born Ready’ since its first outing in August of 2015. Fast forward to today and the dancefloor-ready anthem is sitting just over a million streams online after capping the Hype Machine chart at #1.

The mix widely adored comes from house stalwarts Halogen who took the track from its Drum n Bass roots to an international party stormer, from festivals to clubs and back. Club support floods in from peers including Tiesto, Martin Garrix and Don Diablo, cementing the track as a central point in sets around the globe. The song even received a feature at the coveted Victoria’s Secret Show in December. Underpinned by a stellar vocal performance from Hope Murphy, ‘Born Ready’ has all the makings of being the breakout single for the Disco Fries duo. 

Now with a killer remix from Ferreck Dawn, including an Instrumental.


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