Sonic Future’s ‘Regrets EP’


Porto Alegre, Brazil – Cesar Funck and VJ Leo make up the Brazilian duo which is Sonic Future. Consistently releasing chart topping tracks on labels such as Suara, Santos Music, Enormous Tunes, and many more. Sonic Future never fail to produce awe-inspiring music that ranges from funky tech-house to atmospheric deep house. They have seen a total of 20 productions reaching the Top 100 genre charts and 3 in the overall Beatport Top 100.

‘Regrets’ is rigid and forceful. Continuously building pressure over the course of the assembly and then blossoming. Starting off strong with a techy bassline and the right amount of claps, ‘Regrets’ advances with a seductive array of horns that takes you back to medieval times. The melody fuses together and progressively builds before tapering off into the distance and building back up again leaving for an unanticipated climax.

The 2nd track in the EP, ‘Basically Speaking’ begins with a tribal drumline and then sparks through with a catchy bassline. It then builds anticipation with an atmospheric inflection consistently constructing the envelope before dwindling off and maintaining the harmony.

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