Thank you Dub:fuse radio show!

Want to say a special thank you to the Dub:fuse radio show, one of the longest running internet radio shows in Canada (broadcasting since 1999). They have helped us spread the UK Garage love by selecting ‘A Sesh with Sass ~ Volume 3’ as their guest mix for their show today.

They had this to say about the mix:

“June is wrapping up … summer is definitely in full force – outdoor parties,
sunshine and patio drinks. To help ease the summer heat is ar guest mix coming
from The Sassy Yank. This mix is over an hour of UK Garage – and goes down like
a storm. Been far too long since I have heard a good UK Garage mix, so this is a
very welcome way to break the drought.”

Here is a link to their site, please show them some love:

I am very excited for the exposure for the artists and producers that created the tracks featured in this mix.

For a free download of ‘A Sesh with Sass ~ Volume 3’ go here:


The Sassy Yank


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