STANA-KALIBWOY-SEARCHER  – London Badboys up in Leyton, East London as an orphan, growing up in foster homes, being incarcerated for the past 8 years. Stana has decided it’s time for change hence the album title ‘Destroy & Rebuild’. 
Stana has just released single ‘Song Cry’, which in his own retrospective. He puts his views of world across after being locked away in prison for the past 8 years.

Also Stana has featured on Jamal Edwards ‘SBTV’ Episode called ‘Better Place’ .

His latest album, which was released on Monday 27th June called ‘Destroy & Rebuild’, which is available on iTunes .

The album can also NOW be purchased on all digital downloading media sites such as Amazon Music and Spotify.



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Andrea Hegard – I DON’T MIND

Swedish singer/songwriter Andrea Hegard is back with her brand new recording, I Don’t Mind.Her smooth vocals float across the heavenly old school beat with elegance, which combine soul/funk and a touch of hip hop to fuse into a delicious concoction of musical bliss.

The beat flows effortlessly alongside Andrea’s vocals and both will have you embraced and will find yourself singing I Don’t Mind by the end of the record.
The video is sexy but, elegantly shot as Andrea delivers another wonderful record material and there is plenty more to listen out for in the next couple of months.

Ambition – Cycle

“Going through the cycles of a continuous breakup to makeup relationship can be difficult. If you have ever experienced this or know someone who has, you will be able to relate to the heartfelt lyrics in Ambition’s new single Cycle. 

The Cycle video co-starring Daisy Jade & Ashley Martin is the second video release off of Ambition’s new visual project titled “The Phoenix Project”. As a follow up to the successful release of the projects debut single “Love You Like This” video, you will notice how the story-line for the project begins to unfold.” 

A S Jay – Smoke Good F**k Better

Singer, songwriter A S Jay boasts a colourful background due to spending a lot of time growing up and embracing different cultures that has led to an incredible passion and love for music. Jay was raised in both Afro-Caribbean and Asian households and is a major driving force and source of inspiration.

Smoke Good Fuck Better is the first sampling from his new material that he has been working on, locked away in the studio. The track is laced with a gritty and atmospheric beat that draws on A S Jay’s raw and fresh, crisp rap which is delivered with precision.
The lyric video delivers poignant pictures and scenes from various sitcoms and films that connect with the track. Jay comments, “This track was written last winter and I’ve tried to catch that vibe, while being in London, dealing with separation, getting lost in the crowd. It’s cold out here and that alone has a vibe to it” As an artist if I can catch that vibe and put it in words, that right there is pure satisfaction. #SmokeGoodFuckBetter #SGFB ”